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Feedback from Summit Participants


Participant Feedback

"The Summit allows me to "go deep" in my thinking about teaching in a way that I can't duplicate in any other week of my year. I've come to believe that the heart of capstone work is also the heart of all the teaching I do -- even when it doesn't look like it on the surface. I do lots of professional development, including lots of time spent alone working on my "stuff," but there is something about the type and level of engagement with like-minded educators at the Summit that just works."

"I've been to the National Capstone Summit three times, now, looking forward to attending again this summer, and I can say that it is the single-best professional development I have ever experienced in 25 years of teaching. I think it comes down to the fact that the Summit is created and facilitated by and for educators. It asks us to be active participants and not passive passengers. It mimics what we want from our students as agents of their own learning. The NatCapCon Summit feels like professional practice. It fosters professional and personal friendships that last for years after the three-day Summit. I return year after year, to learn, to connect, and to share. Sounds like a great capstone project. See you on the east coast in 2018."

"What I liked best about Summit was the diversity of participants - in particular, that they came from different levels of experience and expertise in facilitating the Senior Capstone. I also loved that folks were so open to sharing with each other; that made it a delight and gave us another strong opportunity to bond and discuss things we otherwise would not have in a regular session."

"Seriously...everything. Great vibe, packed with useful information, perfect pace, time to think and breath, gorgeous setting, wonderful people – the folks who came from hither and yon. Love the spontaneous camp feeling that developed among many of us, and I'd say that this was important to the learning as well as to the enjoyment of the Summit."